One stop shop for all the advertising demand

75+ integrated,
with more on the way

Header bid into your ad server

Create more competition with AdX or your ad server marketplace

Unified auctions on server side

No need to install any client side code or SDKs

Access Google, Amazon, & Facebook Ads with one call

Unlock advertiser demand from leading demand partners

Header bid into your ad server

In-app header header bid into your existing Google Ad Manager/DFP or preferred ad server setup to make your demand partners more competitive

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Unified auctions on server side

Pare down the number of SDKs integrated on client-side with 75+ demand partners on the server side. Save development hours, and operational hassles with ease of server side unified auctions

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Access Google, Amazon, and Facebook Ads with one call

Leverage DemandCloud to mediate across Google, Facebook, Amazon in a single unified auction with our RTB conections, adapters, open source SDKs, and libraries

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Consolidated Revenue Operations

Programmatic revenue, server to server integrations, and reporting from one platform

Pre-built Adapters

In instances where demand sources do not support server-to-server integrations, our pre-built adapters work seamlessly within your site or app.

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Need access to a partner that's not listed?

Not a problem. If we don't have a relationship with a partner you'd like to work with, all you have to do is ask.

The Numbers

Integrated 45+ Demand Partners
3x the average revenue lift
Saved 80% publisher development time

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