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White-labeling Tools

Brand your own self-service ad platform for media buyers

Server-Side Auctions

Reduce latency constraints of traditional header bidding

Unified Reporting

Analyze revenue trends at a granular level

White-labeled ad platform

Create your own white-labeled dashboards, trackers, pixels etc. License SDK code and modify as per your own needs.

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Server-side header bidding

Evaluate bids net of revenue share from hundreds of exchanges, DSPs, networks, and direct sources of demand in real-time.

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Insights at your fingertips

Simple, insightful reporting shows revenue, yield, and other key information by demand channel, partner, audiences and content.

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Flexible Ad Formats

Track and report on any ad format

Direct and Indirect Channels

Control how your inventory is allocated

User Targeting

Use your unique data to define custom segments

Infinite possibilities

Create your own ad formats across video, display, and native as well as your own custom user action tracking and reporting.

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A data management platform for your users

Target and reach audience segments such as interest-based targeting, retargeting, or frequency capping, across devices on mobile and desktop inventory.

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Direct and Indirect channels

Protect direct advertiser relationships by managing the advertisers and campaigns allowed to run via indirect channels.

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Less than 50ms in latency
Ability to process 100,000 ad requests per second
Proudly serving 15,000+ sites/apps

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